Adult Coaching 

**********************************Updated with 2014 dates ******************************

Coaching tips complied by Peter Harrison.

You have to be in it to win it, so survival is first priority, sailing second, speed third. Bein+ . Let C then K off (in that order) before windward mark to bear away. Competitive is a by-product of the rest, not an end in itself!

Apply kicker in the gusts upwind so that bend just visible in boom and cunningham

When crew is crying, wailing and scared, don’t let him/her pull the kicker on. Crew does the macro controls upwind, helm makes minor adjustments. There is “on +” then there is snapping the boom...

Vang ease, boom to horizontal for safety, or a bit higher for speed. Mark vang, or know how far knot is from block on boom for various settings from “off” to “on+”. Stitch in some whipping twine or use a magic marker. Move it constantly: off for deep downwind lull, horizontal for breezy run and gybes. Very eased for tight kite reach big gust approaching, back on a bit when gust has gone.

Gybe quickly and positively at full speed in a gust or maybe choose a lull. Don’t sail head down waiting for lull or gust: get your head out of the boat to seek out your preferred option. Seeking gusts and windbands is fast. Sailing out of the gust band or seeking a lull might be safer. Try to be proactive and choose: the aim is to do rather than be done to.

Assume incompetence or aggressive competitiveness from others afloat, plan for it and sail accordingly. You should manage your own performance but can only anticipate their range of options and manouevres.

Approaching a leeward mark if coming up fast on a gust, expect fireworks and defence from those ahead. Sail conservatively in big fleets and big breeze. Better to drop a place and gain ten, or drop a place and survive than slash and burn. It’s a race: don’t expect the boat ahead to roll over and let you past!

The common theme: anticipation. If you now what will happen next, no surprises.

Gybing: Crew moves in a roll gybe but sits still in a breeze. Watch clew of kite: as soon as clew is eased to forestay, sheet new side hard then release an armful. Kite refills on new side as boat is gybed with no loss of speed.

Click below button for specific info from the coaching course on Saturday 23rd April.

2000 Tuning Guide
See the 2000 Class page for excellent information on tuning your 2000!

The coaching is planned according the numbers and abilities of sailors attending. It is likely that training will be split into 2 or 3 groups. Please sign up as soon as possible. The sooner club members sign up, the better the organisers can plan for individual requirements. The CYC training programme can then be tailored and where appropriate task specific coaches can be booked.
For example the current plan will be for an “improvers” double-handed group, a “start to race” double-handed group, and a single-handed group. But this could change depending who books!

If you can sail round a triangle and a figure of eight or have done your RYA level 2, then this is the time to move onto our adult club coaching!

For newcomers (RYA 2 and above) the coaching is to gain confidence on the water and improve your boat handling skills, quickly progressing to basic race techniques and perhaps to enter club racing?

Start to race and those who have done the club coaching before need not despair! There will be plenty of tips and exercises to keep the learning process going. All our coaches are experienced and trained to deliver to the highest championship level if you are up to it!

Here are the dates for your diaries, so please book now and mark them off! We’d love to see you!

Times are for
“ boats rigged and ready, ideally sailors changed into sailing gear”

Dates for 2014 are:

Saturday 12 April 08.30
Sunday 18 May 12.30
Sunday 15 June 11.30
Saturday 19 July 15.00
Saturday 20 September 09.00

These are enjoyable sessions, with plenty of relaxed banter amongst the training!
It is fine to attend some of the sessions, but if possible we would like each session to follow on from the previous.

Laser training:

Sessions for youths and adults combined

Some dates are the same as Adukt training, one the same as youth training, and others entirely stand alone!

These will be tailored according to sailors wishing to take part, so please get in touch with the. Laser fleet captain! Andy. Palmer-Felgate or with Laurie Winther, to allow this to happen!

2nd March Sunday 1000h
16th March Sunday 0930h
30th March Sunday 1000h

12th April Saturday 0830h
5th May Monday Bank Hol 0930h
15th June Sunday 1130h
13th September Saturday 1300h
20th September Saturday 0900h

Due to the generosity of our CYC club member coaches, giving their time for free, we have been able to keep the cost of training very low. If we bring in paid coaches, the costs will have to change, unsurprisingly!

We do rely on help from members and participants on the training days, for tea bar duties, coach boat crew, beach master, safety boat launching and retrieving.

Training fee for Double-handed boat : £15 (tbc)
Training fee for Single-handed boat : £10 (tbc)

To book on the adult coaching sessions, you need to do 2 things:
1) please contact Pete Harrison care of (they will fwd emails and Pete will usually reply direct to you).
To book for the laser coaching sessions, contact Laurie Winther on
2)AND Please fill in the booking form which is at the bottom of the 'club training and coaching programme' page on this website. Just ignore the non-relevant fields. Once the booking form is received we can confirm your booking.