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Snowflake Series. Final races Sunday 13th March 2016
In the Fast Fleet Archie Massey & Harvey Hillary had two fast wins in the International 14.(ISC). David & Fiona Sayce (HISC) confirmed their overall win with 2 third places. Sophie Mackey and James Warren (Merlin - Shoreham SC) were 2nd overall in. Simon Kings and Alistair Westle (Fireball - HISC) were 3rd overall.

In the Medium Fleet Steve & Sarah Cockerill (Stokes Bay SC) showed a clean pair of heels in both races to the rest of the Fleet, their 2000 enjoying the breezy conditions, giving them a convincing overall series win. Some notable sailing was seen in the last race from Jack Miller & Lauren Bentley (Felpham SC) who sailed their Feva very fast in the windy conditions to take 2nd place, finishing 4th overall.
Martin Frary was second overall in his Solo and Alex Butler (HISC) only half a point behind in his Laser 4.7.

In the Slow Fleet the Feva’s battled it out on the day with Nina & Connie Radford (Langston SC) and Henry Green & crew (Langston SC) taking a win each. The convincing overall winner was Fin Swanton (Felpham) in his Topper, 2nd were Nina & Connie Radford and 3rd Henry Green & crews.

The series was dogged with variable weather from gale force winds to flat calm but 9 races were completed with a total of 82 boats competing.
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Snowflake Series – Race Day 5 Sunday 28th Feb

Fireball Flying! Photo Ian Payne

In the Fast Fleet the current leaders David & Fiona Sayce (HISC –Fireball) had a real challenge on the water from James & Anne Gardner (HISC RS400) who finished just ahead, but David & Fiona took first on handicap. James & Anne dropped to third on handicap. David & Anne Sayce continue to lead the series.

In the Medium Fleet Steve & Sarah Cockerill (Stokes Bay SC - 2000) have really got into their stride in the 2000, dominating the racing being the only boat to complete 4 laps, well ahead of the rest of the Fleet. They now lead the series, pushing Martin Frary into second place.

Steve & Sarah Cockerill leading the Medium Fleet
Photo Ian Payne

Alex Butler (HISC - Laser 4.7) also had a good day with a well-deserved second place, and is now third overall.

In the Slow Fleet four RS Feva’s went out in the chilly conditions. Henry Green & Seb Woodall got a good lead and finished well ahead of the other three boats. Henry & Seb are now in second position in the series challenging Fin Swanton (Felpham SC –Topper) who leads the series. Nina & Connie Radford (Langstone SC - RS Feva) are currently in third place.

The final races are on Sunday 13th March, with plenty of opportunity for challenges to places!
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Snowflake Series – Race Day 4 Sunday 21st Feb
In the Fast Fleet David & Fiona Sayce (HISC) secured two first places in their fireball, and now lead the Series.

In the Medium Fleet Steve & Sarah Cockerill (Stokes Bay SC) also took two first places, moving up to second in the series. The Medium Fleet continues to be led by Martin Frary in his Solo. In the Slow Fleet Henry Green & Seb Woodall (Langstone SC) in their Feva won both races, with some great reaches. Fin Swanton (Topper, Felpham SC) continue to lead the series

With especial thanks again to all the safety boat helms & crew for all their hard work
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Storm Imogen Hits Chichester Snowflake!
Despite a heavy wind forecast, a hardy bunch of keen sailors made it down to CYC for the third day of Snowflake Racing. The wind was deceptive on shore, but out on the water was F6 gusting 7 at the start of the race> This was borderline sailable and a number of racers went out only to head straight back to the safety of the shore. There were many capsizes and the safety boats put in a lot of work to rescue people & boats.

The wind continued to build during the first race. Race Officer Derek Jackman recognising this, shortened the first race & wisely abandoned the second race The Fast Fleet got off to an exciting start in the first race (R4) powering their way over the line within seconds of the gun, and had a very fast first lap.

The SW wind allowed use of a good part of the lake. 5 boats started in the Fast Fleet, 3 finished, honours going to Simon Kings & Alistair Westle (Fireball -HISC). Fast Fleet series lead after 4 races are Roger & Jane Gilbert (Merlin – Felpham SC). The Medium also fleet also got away cleanly, but a number did not make it to the start line, some retired mid race, with 10 finishing. Alex Butler (Laser 4.7 – HISC) won. Series lead remains Martin Frary (Solo).

In the Slow Fleet only Georgie Cousens & Jessica Randall-May (ESC/CYC) braved the weather in their RS Feva, but sensibly retired in the tricky conditions.

Most notable for sporting achievement despite an ongoing injury of the crew, which has led to them sailing a 2000, were Steve & Sarah Cockerill. A rig problem delayed their launch, and they arrived at the start line 4mins late. Despite this they were catching the rest of the fleet when the race had to be shortened.
Check out their Windy 2000 video here!
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Snowflake Race 3 - Sunday 24th January 2016

International 14 in light winds

In the Fast Fleet, the first 4 boats were Merlin Rockets with Alex Jackson & Bill Carroll (Hampton SC) first. Roger & Jane Gilbert (Merlin - Felpham SC) currently lead the Series.

Fast Fleet start

In the Medium Fleet, the fastest boat on the water was Richie Bailey in a Laser (Emsworth SC), who while well ahead on the water dropped back to 3rd on handicap. The remaining top places were taken by Solos, with Martin Frary first, and Guy Mayger (Felpham SC) second. Martin Frary now leads the series.

In the Slow Fleet Fin Swanton (Topper – Felpham SC) again took first, and continues to lead the Series. Alfie Lester also in a Topper was second and Henry Green & Seb Woodall 3rd (RS Feva – Langstone SC). ]> CYC Webmaster Sun, 24 Jan 2016 17:40:42 GMT